About Us

Our vision is to empower people of Kenyan descent living abroad to pursue activities that enable them to realize their individual and collective aspirations


The mission of the Kenyan International Community (K.I.C.) is twofold: 

First, to create a network of all Kenyans in foreign countries towards coming together in joining resources to promote the ideals of their motherland

Second, to strengthen desires of Kenyans in foreign countries in seeking ways of improving their welfare and searching for better opportunities in education, research, communication, health, trade, insurance, thus helping enhance their social status in the process 


  • KIC's Goals are multi-faceted and include but not limited to the following: 
  • To promote understanding, co-operation, love and unity among Kenyans living abroad
  • To provide a forum for the sharing of the unique Kenyan cultural heritage in all its diversity
  • To encourage, assist and promote a spirit of entrepreneurship among Kenyans living abroad
  • To assist members who suffer calamity or unforeseen hardship

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